So which artists have recorded at Grapevine?

We’re proud of all the friends who have walked through our doors and here’s some of the stories we’re allowed to tell.

Brendan Mc Cahey – Brendan’s website – Some information about brendan.
Brendan McCahey recording tambourine

Brendan McCahey searches for the right Tambourine sound.

The Long Riders – The Long Rider’s facebook page – Some information about the Long Riders
Photograph of Paddy Mac Playing Bass

Paddy Mac from Long Riders tracking bass on their last album.

Andy O Dea – Andy’s Website – Some information about Andy
Andy O Donnell Recording a Music Video

Andy O Dea records his music video.

The Gakk – The Gakk’s facebook page – Some info about the Gakk
Photograph of The Gakk

The Gakk trialing a few ideas during a session

Of course there’s many more but we can’t tell everything that happens, But you can check out the gear we used.