Grapevine Recording Studios opened it’s doors in 2014 as Carlingford’s first commercial recording studio. We’re sure anyone who has been to the village will instantly know why. For years musicians have been drawn to the small Co. Louth village in search of that magic inspiration.

We’ve welcomed musicians and artists from a variety of disciplines and always enjoy a new challenge. So whether you’re a singer songwriter looking for a fresh creative space to let your ideas develop, or a seasoned band looking for new ways to catch you’re audiences ear, we have the tools¬†and expertise for the job.

Photograph of Grapevine Recording Studio Live Room with Drumkit set up.

Our Live Room

But it’s not just music, It’s not uncommon for voiceover requests, help with arranging music or even more off the wall requests to come through. So even if it’s foley work for your video or you need an engineer to make your event shine we can be there to help. After all, our passion is in creative audio just as much as music.

Photograph of Paddy Mac Playing Bass at Grapevine Recording Studio

Paddy Mac

We want to make sure Grapevine is a relaxing and inviting space for musicians. So we don’t sit watching the clock or ask you to pay upfront or even all at once. We are unique in that we offer a payment plan on longer sessions and have card and online payment options available to our customers. So you just need to focus on your art, the rest we can sort later.

Contact us today to find out how our recording studio can make itself your recording studio!


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